Ah, the world of online dating. It’s a wild and wooly place out there! With so many sites and apps popping up in recent years, it can be hard to keep track of them all. Whether you’re looking for love or just some fun companionship, there are tons of options available to choose from. And if you have more specific needs? Don’t worry – nowadays there’s something for everyone: gay dating sites, Asian-specific platforms…you name it!

But navigating this digital landscape isn’t always easy – especially when things like catfishing come into play (ugh!). That’s why I’m here as your trusty guide through the ever-changing world of modern romance; an experienced veteran who has tried almost every site/app under the sun – with varying degrees success(or lack thereof). From eHarmony to Bumblebee and beyond…I’ve seen ’em all! So let me take ya on a journey down memory lane where we’ll explore what works (and doesn’t) in today’s complex virtual courting scene…all while having plenty o’ laughs along the way. Ready? Let’s do this thing!

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Our Top Picks: 15 of the Best Dating Sites & Apps

Our Evaluation Process

When it comes to reviewing dating sites and apps, we take our job seriously. We don’t just look at the features or read a few user reviews – we dive deep into every platform to make sure that users get an accurate picture of what they can expect from each service. First, my team and I try out both free and paid versions of the site/app in question so that no stone is left unturned during our review process. Then, over a period of several days (usually about 5-7), we send messages back-and-forth with other users on the app/site as if we were real people looking for dates online – this helps us understand how easy or difficult it is for someone new to navigate their way around these platforms while also giving us insight into potential scams or suspicious activity taking place within them. On average, my team sends roughly 100 messages per day across all platforms being reviewed before coming up with final conclusions regarding their usability & safety levels! Finally – something which sets us apart from many other review sites – after testing everything thoroughly ourselves first hand; myself & my team will then spend time researching further by speaking directly with customer support teams as well as reading through terms & conditions documents associated with each website/app in order to ensure accuracy when writing up our reviews… ensuring you’re getting only honest feedback here at Online Dating Expert!


1. How to talk to girls on dating sites?

Be friendly and open-minded. Ask questions about her interests, hobbies, or goals to get the conversation going. Be yourself and don’t be afraid to show your personality – that’s what will make you stand out from other potential matches!

2. What are the best dating sites for senior people?

I’ve tried a few different dating sites for seniors and my favorite is definitely OurTime. It’s easy to use, has lots of members, and the features are great. I also like SilverSingles – it’s got an excellent matching system that really helps you find compatible partners quickly!

3. What are the best dating apps for single parents?

I’ve tried a few different dating apps as a single parent, and my favorites are Bumble, Hinge, and eHarmony. They all have great features that make it easy to find someone who’s compatible with you while also being understanding of your parenting responsibilities. Plus they’re all free to use so there’s no risk in giving them a try!

4. How to find someone on dating apps?

Start by setting up a profile on the app that best suits your interests and needs. Be sure to include honest information about yourself, as well as some great photos! Then start swiping or searching for potential matches in your area. You can also use filters to narrow down the search results so you find someone who is more likely to be compatible with you.